Why can’t I print or email using a Sage 50 form?

Why can’t I print or email using a Sage 50 form?

Support Team Asked on December 28, 2017 in Sage.
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    1. Check that it is possible to print from a different application; such as Notepad.
    2. If not, the problem is with the printer and not specifically Sage 50.


    1. If there is no error message and the form still does not print, try:
      1. Click on the printer icon from within the print preview window of the transaction (sales invoice, payment, etc.):
      2. For a sales invoice, for example:
      3. Under File then Invoices.
      4. Click on Print Preview.
      5. Click on the printer icon.
    2. If the printing still does not start, follow the steps below.
    3. Check the forms selected in Setup, Report and Forms Options first for the type of form you are trying to use and if the problem remains, for each of the form types.
    4. If the Description is set to “User defined form”, check the form path to make sure the form selected is available and you can always click “Browse” button to choose a valid form template.
      • The form must be on the local computer (it’s recommended to save it in the default Sage 50—Canadian Edition forms folder) and NOT on the server.
    5. If you do not have a customized form template, you can select the default form from the Description drop down list, for example:
      – For Invoices, choose “Invoice” or “Invoice – Professional” as the default form
      – For Payment cheque, choose “Payment cheque – Easy Align
      – For Payroll cheque, choose “Payroll Cheque with YTD Totals – Easy Align” or “Payroll Cheque with YTD Totals – 2 stubs – Easy Align
    6. Verify the E-mail Form Settings using the same method.
    7. You will need to repeat the above steps if the same error occurs when you print other types of forms, for example, payment cheque or payroll cheque.

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on December 28, 2017.
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