What is Sage 50 Premium 2017 Features ?

What is Sage 50 Premium 2017 Features ?

Support Team Asked on December 15, 2017 in Sage 50.
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    Sage 50 Premium Accounting enables you to save time and money by making simple tasks more productive and efficient. It gives you the tools and information you need to make Secure and successful business decisions. Sage 50 Premium gives you ways that other accounting programs don’t.

    Benefits of Sage 50

    One-look overview- You can personalize your views of key business metrics so you always know how your business is doing. See revenue, account balances, outstanding receivables, and more, all on one screen. You’ll know everything you need to know at a single moment.

    Generate more money- The tools included in Sage 50 Premium Accounting let you be more profitable. With extensive control over your inventory, job phases and their costs, purchasing and invoicing, and more, you can identify that what works and what doesn’t.

    Better insights for better decisions- Using your company’s real-time data and the familiar platform, Microsoft-Excel, the Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting feature lets you make fast, informed business decisions with confidence.

    Benefits of Sage 50 Premium 2017

    Tools to Make Accounting Easier, More Secure
    This user-friendly business accounting software, Sage 50 Premium Accounting includes module-level security for up to 5 users. Advanced user security controls, an Internal Accounting Review tool, and tracking audit trails, give you confidence in the security and integrity of your data. You’ll always have control over who can access your information, because it’s installed locally on your computer or network.

    1. Setup 1 to 5 user(s) with module-level security
    2. Send customized invoices to customers by mail or email
    3. Create and generate custom sales orders, invoices, quotes, work orders, purchase orders and more
    4. More than 125 customizable reports: financial, inventory, sales, expenses, cost, jobs, and more
    5. Advanced Budgeting and Cash Flow Monitor tools to manage your cash effectively
    6. Get completely control of your inventory with different methods
    7. Setup job phases and cost codes to manage every step of your jobs and related revenues and expenses
    8. Free conversion from QuickBooks® and Quicken®3

    Better Reporting for Better Decisions
    Your accounting program should do more than just store debits and credits. It should give you the kind of analysis you need to make decisions and plan strategies. That’s what Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting does — it lets you create and run customized reports to give you answers you need. You can…

    1. Modify existing templates for sales reports, purchasing and inventory reports, or financials
    2. Use data from multiple Sage 50 companies or other databases to use consolidated information in your decision making
    3. Reports are generated using real-time data, without having to manipulate or export your data in any way

    Sage 50 Premium 2017

    Complete Control of Your Inventory

    Got inventory? Sage 50’s Premium Accounting has you covered. Multiple inventory modules let you manage every aspect of inventory control, including assemblies and assembly costs, purchasing, and stock on hand. Always know what you have on hand, and never over order again.

    1. Use any number of different inventory costing methods – Assemblies, average / LIFO / FIFO
    2. Automatically generate purchase orders for inventory when it falls below a certain level you specify
    3. Setup user-defined inventory attributes like color, size, style, etc.
    4. Create multiple price levels for high volume or quantity discounts
    5. Serialized inventory lets you track warranties, claims, and recalls

    New Features in Sage 50 Premium 2017

    1. Simple one-click chat gets you support when you need it.

    2. Generate invoices with a single click from your customers’ records.

    3. Generate purchase orders with a single click on your vendors’ screens.

    4. Go directly from a purchase order to receiving the inventory and paying.

    5. Customize the content of Sage 50 generated emails.

    6. Convert a sales order to an invoice in a flash.

    7. More powerful and customizable lists.

    Disclaimer: Sage Accounting Solution is an independent provider of Sage Related services and is not affiliated with Sage.

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    Support Team Answered on December 15, 2017.
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