What formulas should show in my User-Maintained formulas?

What formulas should show in my User-Maintained formulas?

Support Team Asked on January 6, 2018 in Sage.
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    Your User-Maintained formulas, under File, Payroll Formulas, User-Maintained, should only contain formulas that are not found in the Sage-Maintained formulas. These will typically be:

    • **SUI – State Unemployment Insurance, where ** is a state abbreviation
    • Vacation – these will typically start with VAC, such as VAC_ADD
    • Sick Time – these will typically start with SICK, such as SICK_ADD
    • Most LIT formulas – Local Income Tax
    • Benefit formulas such as 401K, IRA, Roth 401K, 403B, etc

    Formulas that should NOT be in your User-Maintained are:

    • FIT – Federal Income Tax
    • FICA – Social Security Tax
    • **SIT – State Income Tax, where ** is a state abbreviation
    • FUTA – Federal Unemployment Insurance
    • **ETT – Employee Training Tax (only certain states have this)
    • **SDI – State Disability Insurance (only certain states have this)
    • LIT formulas that are state-mandated

    If you are ever unsure if a formula should appear in your User-Maintained then you can look in the Sage-Maintained formulas. If you find the formula in the Sage-Maintained area you should remove it from your User-Maintained formulas.

    User-Maintained formulas are not updated by the Sage Payroll Solutions updates. If there are Sage-Maintained formulas located in the User-Maintained area those formulas will not be properly updated and your payroll calculations may be incorrect.

    Warning: You should never manually alter or change your Sage-Maintained formulas. These formulas are updated and maintained by your Sage Payroll Solution updates and are guaranteed to be accurate. If you manually adjust or change these formulas Sage can no longer guarantee the accuracy of your payroll calculations.

    Source: Sage Community forums.

    Disclaimer: Sage Accounting Solution is an independent provider of Sage Related services and is not affiliated with Sage.

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    Support Team Answered on January 6, 2018.
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