Verify my data file permissions are correctly set

Verify my data file permissions are correctly set ?

Support Team Asked on December 14, 2017 in Sage.
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    • Recommended way to set permissions and file security for sharing data
    • Set up share permissions
    • Verify file security is set correctly
    • Required permissions for data shared folder
    Network Warning
    This solution requires advanced knowledge of your network. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Modifying Windows security incorrectly can severely affect system operations. Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows security. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.

    Note: To ensure proper operation, the groups System and Everyone should be given full control in both Sharing Permissions and Security on the shared folder. If you do not wish to use Everyone, the specific Windows user names for each user may be substituted.

    Option I: Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003

    Note: Windows XP is no longer a supported environment as of April 8, 2014, and it is highly recommended to upgrade to a newer operating system.

    1. In My Computer, click Tools, and then click Folder Options
    2. Select View tab
    3. Clear Use Simple File Sharing box
    4. Click OK
    5. Right-click the shared folder, and then select Properties
    6. Select Sharing tab
    7. Select Share this folder box
    8. Enter a Share name
    9. Click Permissions
    10. If not present, add Everyone and System
    11. Select each, and then select Full control
    12. Select Security tab
    13. Verify Everyone and System have Full control
    14. Click OK

    Option II: Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    1. In Computer, select Organize, and then select Folder and search options
    2. Select View tab
    3. Clear Use Sharing Wizard box
    4. Click OK
    5. Right-click the shared folder, and then select Properties
    6. Select Sharing tab
    7. Click Advanced Sharing
    8. Select Share this folder box
    9. Click Permissions
    10. Add the groups Everyone and System
    11. Give each Full control
    12. Click OK twice
    13. Select Security tab
    14. Click Edit
    15. If the Everyone group is not present, click Add
    16. In the blank area, type Everyone and click Check Names
    17. If it is not already marked, Check the Allow, Full Control for EveryoneAuthenticated Users, & Users
    18. Click OK
    19. Click Advanced
    20. Click the Change or Change Permissions button the Permissions tab
    21. Check the Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object box
    22. Click OK
    23. Click Yes to replace explicitly defined permissions
    24. Click OK twice

    Option III: Windows 8 and Server 2012

    1. Right-click the shared folder, and then select Properties
    2. Select Sharing tab
    3. Click Advanced Sharing
    4. Select Share this folder box
    5. Click Permissions
    6. Add the groups Everyone and System
    7. Give each Full control
    8. Click OK twice
    9. Select Security tab
    10. Verify Everyone and System have Full control
    11. Click OK

    Note: To add groups/users to the Security list, click Add, and then click Add Principle.

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on December 14, 2017.
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