Vacation remaining is not calculating

Vacation remaining is not calculating

Support Team Asked on January 6, 2018 in Sage.
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    Section I: Verify vacation hours are entered in the correct field

    1. Select Tasks, Payroll Entry, and then select the employee.
    2. Enter hours in VAC_Taken field under Taxes – Benefits – Liabilities.
    3. Verify VAC_REM updates.

    Section II: Verify vacation formulas

    1. Select Maintain, Employees/Sales Reps, and then select the employee that is not calculating correctly.
    2. Click Vacation/Sick Time tab, and then verify Vacation Settings.
    3. If the employee has the option: This employee uses the company defaults settings for vacation selected, click Current Formulas link, and then verify Total Hours is using VAC_ADD formula and the Remaining is using VAC_REM.
    4. If the employee is not using company default settings for vacation, click Current Formulas link, and then verify VAC_ACCRUE EMP DEF is selected for Total Hours and VAC_REM is selected for Remaining.
    5. Create a paycheck and confirm vacation remaining is now showing the correct values.

    Section III: Leave Check Number field blank

    • Do not manually enter a check number in the Check Number field.
    • If you need to enter a check number from the Check Number field, enter it last, after you make any adjustments to the other payroll fields.

    Section IV: Employee Beginning Balances

    1. Select Maintain, Employees/Sales Reps, and then select the appropriate employee.
    2. Click Employee Beginning Balances button
    3. Select VAC_Rem, enter 0.00, click Save, and then click Close.
    4. Verify vacation remaining is calculating.

    Section V: Damaged custom form

    1. Verify issue does not occur on a standard form.
    2. If a standard form shows the correct vacation remaining either use the standard form or create new custom form.

    Section VI: Data synchronization error

    If all of the above are correct the problem may be due to a synchronization error. Access Integrity Check 

    • Jrnl Header
    • Jrnl Rows
    • Employee
    • Employee Earning Summary
    • Employee Earning Summary – Fields
    • Employee Earning Summary – Wage
    • Employee Payroll Fields

    Run the Employee/Journal synchronization test

    If calculations are still incorrect, run Data Verification

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    Support Team Answered on January 6, 2018.
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