How to update User-Maintained formulas ?

How to update User-Maintained formulas ?

Heenry Asked on December 10, 2017 in Sage.
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    Sage 50—U.S. Edition
    • Automatically update User-Maintained formulas before first paychecks have been run for the year.
    • How do I manually update User-Maintained formulas in Sage 50?
    • How do I automatically update User-Maintained formulas?
    • In order to process payroll, all formulas must be updated for all employees to the current year.

    Solution I: Automatic Update

    1. Select Tasks, then Payroll Entry
    2. Select an Employee ID
    3. Enter Date and Pay Period Ends date
    4. A formula update window should now appear
    5. Select Update formulas now (recommended), and then click Continue

    Note: This option will only appear once; if Cancel is selected, you will not get this option again and will need to update the formulas manually (see Section II).

    1. Make changes to the Limits and Rates of your User-Maintained formulas as needed, and then click OK
    2. Verify the payroll fields calculate correctly

    Solution II: Update Manually

    How do I manually update user-maintained formulas, in Related Resources.

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