How to Secure Your Company Data in SAGE 50 Accounting

How to Secure Your Company Data in SAGE 50 Accounting ?

Support Team Asked on December 15, 2017 in Sage 50.
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    When you create your company, Sage 50 Accounting automatically creates a user profile called sysadmin. This administrator has full access to your company data. This is the only user who can create new users, assign access rights and passwords to other users, and set Sage 50 Accounting company-wide preferences. Even if you are the only user, than you should password-protect the sysadmin user, and then create a new user profile for yourself.

    If you intend to access Sage 50 Accounting data from other programs, such as Microsoft Access, assign third-party access rights to Sage 50 Accounting users and password-protect your data.

    Set Up Additional Users

    Follow these Points to Create additional users to:

    1. Restrict access to only those areas of the program that users need to do their job. For example, not every employee is entitled to know the current balance in your company bank accounts.
    2. Protect yourself against theft and embezzlement. If you give each user a name, you’ll always be able to identify who has modified your financial records.
    3. Let several people work in Sage 50 Accounting Premium and Sage 50 Accounting Enterprise at the same time.


    To set up additional users, you must first create a password for the Sage 50 Accounting administrator, sysadmin. Click Modify User, and then enter a password. Your password should be “strong”—it should be a combination of 5 to 7 numbers and letters, and not be easy to guess.

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    Support Team Answered on December 15, 2017.
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