How to install the Sage 50 Connection Manager on the server

How to install the Sage 50 Connection Manager on the server

Support Team Asked on January 6, 2018 in Sage.
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    The same version of Sage 50 Connection Manager must be installed and running on the server as well as the workstation.

    Option I: Download the Program

    1. Login to the Server location
    2. Download the Sage 50 version of software from the download site and run file.
    3. Select the language, then select OK
    4. Sage 50—Canadian Edition requires some mandatory software to be installed on your computer.
    5. Select Install
    6. If Windows Firewall is enabled on this computer, you will see a screen to ask if you want Windows Firewall automatically configured to work with Sage 50
    7. Select Advanced if the server only stores the data file and no one uses the program on the server
    8. Select Next to proceed
    9. Select Server – only for Sage 50 Server Components
    10. Select Finish when the completes

    Option II: The Full Product has already been downloaded on another system

    1. Select Windows Start, then Computer
    2. Select the C:\ drive
    3. Open the Sage folder
    4. Select Sage 50 Accounting Installer Files-CDN Release  (select the appropriate release; ie 2016.1)
    5. Copy the folder to the server – either via shared drive or USB key.
    6. On the server run the Launch.exe file
    7. Select Install Sage 50
    8. Select the language
    9. Select OK
    10. Select Yes for the windows firewall setup
    11. Select Next
    12. You have two options: Typical or Advanced
      • Select Advanced
    13. Select Next
    14. Select Server – only for Sage 50 Server Components
    15. Wait for Sage 50 to install
    16. Select Finish when the install completes

    Option III: The update was already installed on another system

    1. Go to the system that has the update installed on
    2. Select Windows Start, then Computer
    3. Go to  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download
    4. Find the latest update that was installed
      • 2015: SA_20154CPUP1.exe
      • 2016: SA_20164CPUP1.exe
      • 2017: SA_20171CPUP1.exe
    5. Copy this file to a USB stick or to the server
    6. Run this update on the server to update the Connection Manager

    Option IV: The update was already installed on another system but does not have a USB Drive

    1. Go to
    2. Chose the sub-search result for “Sage 50 –Canadian Edition”. If it does not show this search result, Click on “More Search Results…” and then scroll through and find “Sage 50– Canadian Edition”
    3. Once on our Knowledgebase, scroll down to “Popular Downloads”
    4. Click on “Sage 50 2017 Product Update (Version Number 1)”
    5. Click “Download Now”
    6. Click “Save”
    7. When done downloading, click “Run” and install the update

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on January 6, 2018.
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