How to get Sage 50 on Mac ?

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    Sage 50 is the professional software for the small or medium size businesses. Sage 50 provides the services like account handling and the cloud hosting services. Sage 50 is one of most popular and reliable software for the users. Sage 50 can manage the all cash in and cash out data for the startup businesses. Users can use the sage 50 on windows platform easily. But there are a lot of people use the Mac systems.

    Mac systems provide a large range of software to their users but they have less number of software when it comes to accounting. So Mac users also can manage their accounting business easily with the help of sage 50 software. Sage 50 software doesn’t support the Mac OS directly. But there are some ways of using sage 50 on Mac OS.

    Sage 50 on Mac OS

    Mac OS systems don’t have support for the sage 50 directly because it can be only run on Windows platform only. Users can use sage 50 accounting software by installing the windows OS on the Mac systems. Users can install the windows on Mac with the help of Apple BootCamp OR virtual application like Parallel.

    With the help of Bootcamp, users can install the windows on the Mac systems with the help of partition of the hard disk. Then windows can be used after restarting the Mac system. One the other side, users can use the windows on Mac directly with the use of virtual applications like Parallel or VMWare. You can use both the Windows and Mac OS at same time with the Parallel or VMWare. After installing windows, user can use the sage 50 on their Mac systems.

    Benefits and Limitations of Sage 50 on Mac

    After installing the windows on Mac, you have to install the sage 50 on that Windows. After that, user can access all the features of sage on their Mac systems. Sage 50 provides the following facilities to the Mac users:

    • Sage 50 provides the one of the easiest solution to the Mac users.
    • Sage 50 gives the feature to access the payment and payroll processes.
    • It gives the tax reports and sales reports at one click.
    • It can track profits and the purchases orders.
    • Sage 50 gives the cloud hosting service for online data storing.
    • Provides the security features for accounting business.

    Users can but the official sage 50 software according to the time of subscription and the features. you get the different number of features at various price. But when you install the windows on your Mac system, you can also face some problems in your system. Your system’s speed can be decrease and system can slow down because of unofficial version of operating system on your Mac system. More info Call Sage Tech Support Phone Number at 1 888 489 0694
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