How to fix Sage Error with Address Generic Com Error ?

How to fix Sage Error with Address Generic Com Error ?

DavidAnderson Asked on December 5, 2017 in Sage.
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    When we hear the word Com we straightaway relate it to email address and we are not wrong in doing that. It is wrong and unjust when we are try to email something very urgent using Sage and we get the extremely annoying pop up “unable to send emails”, “generic Com error”, “failed to output…” and may be some more. Isn’t this bugging? I am referring to these errors in context to the use of Microsoft Outlook with Sage software. After a lot of pondering over it, it has been claimed that there can be two possible causes.

    Cause 1: Some of the environmental issues like software that is not compatible or the version which has not been updated

    Cause 2: Report specific problem issue

    To help fix this, I tried certain steps which proved to be useful to me. Hope it does for you too. I began setting my Sage report/layout for emailing.

    • Leave everything aside and open Sage report in Report Designer
    • You need to select the top level Document object
    • Check if there is anything that isn’t a part of the page which you can find in the Edit panel
    • Alternately, you can open the report explorer by clicking on View then Report Explorer and then click on the object at the top
    • Click on View and then click on Properties in Properties panel
    • You need to scroll down a little to find the Email options. After having found that, expand the section
    • Now you should click on Email options entry and then click on the button that looks like email settings tab
    • You have now reached the Email Settings
    • In the Email Settings, change to Outlook if that is available or to MAPI for sending emails using Outlook
    • If you are using Gmail and not Outlook, then change to SMTP
    • Now on the To and CC section, we need to make necessary changes. Click on the button to send the email address to, under Expression section, click Add and then enter the expression SALES_LEDGER.E_EMAIL without any quotes. Click OK and once again OK
    • Now on the Subject line enter what you wish to or
    • Send the Report as an attachment with the note “Text that appears in the email”
    • Choose how much you would want to send to the recipient
    • After the email has been sent, prefer setting. Click Yes to Send emails automatically or Save emails to outbox if using any other email account other than outlook
    • Click on OK to save the report
    • It is preferable to click on File then click on Save as and overwrite the old one with a new one
    • Finally change the default email invoice layout by choosing Settings>Invoice and Order defaults>Email Tab

    These steps mentioned above adhered to in order helped me to get rid of those annoying error messages.

    Another simple trick that might help is using Control Panel.

    Go to Control Panel>Default Program. Set the default program you want to use in future and select the email client you want to use too and then finally click Choose Default for this program. Before the steps end, ensure that the box of Send email is checked under MAPI or SMTP for any other client.

    Always remember that Sage is accounting software not email software. There might be issues pertaining to the compatibility with the email software you are using. So make sure you check the compatibility and install both Sage and Email Client accordingly.

    There is no looking back. Now send all your emails with no error at a go.
    More info Visit :- Sage Technical Support Phone Number at 1 888 489 0694

    Support Team Answered on December 5, 2017.
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