How to Fix Sage 50 Installation Error 1935 When Installing Sage 50?

How to Fix Sage 50 Installation Error 1935 When Installing Sage 50? ?

DavidAnderson Asked on December 5, 2017 in Sage 50.
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    Error 1935 occurs while installing Sage 50. It is one of the errors that is classifies as an installation error. This error gives the message that. “ An error occurred during the installation of the assembly component.” This error can be caused by a variety of reasons such as:-

    • Background Programs
    • Anti Virus Program
    • Installation Files Damaged
    • Windows Update
    • .NET Framework

    How to Solve Error 1935

    The method of resolving this error depends entirely on the reason that is causing this error. Follow the methods given below to resolve this error,

    Background Programs

    Background programs can, many a times, interfere with Sage installation. You can remove the software’s that are interfering with installation by:-

    1. Going to control panel and opening Programs and Features.
    2. There you can select the software and click on Uninstall.
      Now you need to remove the temporary files. For this:-
    3. Open Start Menu and click Run or directly press windows + R.
    4. Type in %temp%.
    5. Click on OK
    6. Select all the files by dragging the cursor or by pressing CTRL + A.
    7. Now right click the files and hit delete or directly press Shift + Delete.

    Though this option may not be viable for programs that are essential for you to use. For this you can stop the programs running in background. For this you should:-

    1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE.
    2. Select Task Manager
    3. Open Startup Tab.
    4. Right click on the program that is interfering with Sage accounting
    5. Select Disable
    6. Now goto the details tab and click on the program interfering with installation
    7. Now select End Process.

    Do this for programs like WebSearch, HP Component Manager, System Mechanic and so on as these are known for interfering with the installation of other programs.

    Installation Files Damaged

    Sometimes the installation files of Sage accounting software are damaged due to incomplete download or some other reasons. Whatever may be the reason, to resolve this issue you will need to download the same version of Sage that you bought from the CD or their website. After downloading the appropriate installation files, you will be able to install Sage on your system without this error.

    Anti Virus Program

    Anti virus programs are known to interfere with the installation of software’s. Many a times these software’s quarantine the installation files which leads to an error. To stop this from happening you can add the sage 50 installation files as exception. You can even uninstall your antivirus program. To know more you should contact your third party service provider for antivirus.

    Windows Update

    To check wether your windows is up to date follow the steps given below:-

    1. Click on start menu and search windows update settings
    2. Click on Check Updates.
    3. If updates are available then Install Updates.

    This will make sure that there is no hindrance in installing the accounting software due to problems with windows update.

    .NET Framework

    There might be a problem with the library of this Framework that is used by many installation wizards. Make sure you have at least .NET Framework version 4.0 or above for windows XP and version 4.5 or above for Windows vista, windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can download the latest versions of this framework from here.

    Following the above methods can resolve Sage 50 installation error code 1935. This error is easily resolved, if you can identify what the root cause of the error is. You can also do all of the above, if you are not being able to identify the cause of Sage 50 Error code 1935. More info Call Sage Technical Support Phone Number at 1 888 489 0694

    Support Team Answered on December 5, 2017.
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