How to Fix PDF Problems in Sage 50

How to Fix PDF Problems in Sage 50 ?

Emma Asked on December 4, 2017 in Sage 50.
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    PDF problem generally occurs in Sage 50 software due a simple fact which is when a person tries to export a file by transferring it into a PDF File; it shows an error in Sage 50 Software. Sage 50 is accounting software designed for the small and medium business. But sometimes this software too faces some technical problems such as PDF problem. This type of error hinders a person but in this situation a person shouldn’t panic but contact the sage customer service. A person or sage user can get help from the sage 50 technical support number.

    Sage 50 is build with such properties which helps a businessman to rum its business from anywhere in the world. This software consists of remarkable features which increases the profits of a business venture. Sage also wants its users to be well equipped that is the reason it always tries to create and improve its software. But sometimes a person can face error. PDF error is one such problem where a person may receive such error notice on the screen.

    About Sage 50 PDF Error:

    A person can see the following error on the screen. The environment of these errors is basically on Microsoft 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. These errors occur when the reports are running and selecting output of .pdf file is not yet created then the user will receive such error messages.

    • Printer not activated – error code – 20
    • Printer not activated – error code – 30
    • Printer not activated – error code – 40
    • Printer Installation Failed

    The occurrence of these errors is due to the incorrectly uninstalled Sage PDF Driver.

    The Causes of Sage 50 PDF Error:

    There are numerous reasons which cause Pdf error in Sage 50:

    • When User Account Control is enabled.
    • Incompatible email program.
    • Damaged customized form
    • Damaged Windows profile
    • Damaged E-mail Writer
    • Microsoft updates to be installed
    • Incorrect settings on the Sage 50 E-mail Writer
    • Trying to use Sage 50 E-mail Writer as a printer

    Resolutions for the Sage 50 PDF error:

    This type of error occurs in the Microsoft Windows version. The user may find error: “Printer not activated” e-mailing on Windows operating system. So, how can this problem be resolved?

    • Disable the UAC (User Account Control)
    • Able to email once and then receive error
    • Damaged customized forms
    • Use the Sage E-mail writer as the Default Printer
    • Change the ports and permissions for the e-mail writers.
    • Check the Updates
    • Re-install the E-mail Writer
    • Check for the E-mail driver conflict
    • Check for the damaged Windows profile.

    So, the Sage 50 PDF errors can be solved by the above solution but even then you are unable to resolve your problem. Then contact the Sage Support Phone Number. The sage customer support is there 24*7 for your queries and to solve all your sage errors. To contact a sage expert for the solution user have to call on Sage Support number 1 888 489 0694. The Sage technical expert will help in resolving the problem.

    Support Team Answered on December 4, 2017.
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