How do I upgrade my online backup account to get more space?

How do I upgrade my online backup account to get more space?

Support Team Asked on December 28, 2017 in Sage.
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    This article assumes that online backup application has already been installed on the machine that holds your Sage 50 Accounting data.

    1. Navigate to the Online Backup Account Management website located in the Additional Information section below.
    2. Log into the Account Management website.
    3. Click Upgrade Plan.
    4. Select the option you wish to upgrade to.
    5. Click Proceed to Checkout.
    6. If you previously had a NetSuite Billing Management Account, put your log in information in the Returning Customers section and click Continue, otherwise click the Continue button under new customers to create your account.
    7. Note 1: Online Backup Account Management and NetSuite Billing Management are two different accounts! They do not necessarily have or have to share the same username and/or password.

      Note 2: If you log into an existing account, it will take you to account management, click the View Cart option and then Proceed to Checkout again to continue.

    8. Fill in or verify your shipping/billing information, clicking Continue as necessary.
    9. Fill in your credit card information for billing, then click Continue.
    10. Select I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions when you are ready, then click Submit Order. The next screen will generate an invoice order that you may wish to print for your records.
    11. Note: The Online Backup account will not upgrade immediately, it most likely will take a few hours before the status of your account will change.  In order for the Online Backup application to recognize the new limit, it must first successfully back up in order to get updated account information. The following steps MUST be done in order for the Online Backup application to update properly to its new configuration.
    12. Close all open windows, then open Sage 50.
    13. Click File, Online Backup / Restore.
    14. Note: It may ask for your password, if it does, please enter your Online Backup Account Management password in this field and continue
    15. Click the Backup Settings tab.
    16. Remove any company that appears on this tab, click OK, and then close Sage 50.
    17. Inside the Connected Backup PC Agent, click Tools, Backup Settings.
    18. Configure the application to back up automatically overnight, Sage would recommend setting a one hour window for the backup process to begin, for example between 1:00AM and 2:00AM
    19. Note: In order for the Online Backup application to properly back up the computer, the computer must be on, Sage 50 must be closed, and the Power Options for the computer should be in the default “Always On” or “High Performance” setting. For instructions how to change your Power Options for Microsoft Windows, contact your IT professional.
    20. Click the Backup Set tab, the agent will scan the computer and display all folders when done.
    21. Deselect any files or folders until the files selected for backup is under the limit displayed, make sure that at least one file is selected to back up.
    22. Close the application, the backup will run at the designated time and upgrade the application to show the new limit.
    23. When the backup has completed, open the application and verify that it has updated to the new limit successfully, this can be verified on the Backup Settings tab. It will display the new limit next to the total files selected, or if you have upgraded to an unlimited account, then no limit will be displayed at all.
    24. Select the files and folders you wish to backup, close the application, and the automatically scheduled Online Backups for your data will begin at the designated time.

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on December 28, 2017.
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