How do I setup multi-user mode?

How do I setup multi-user mode?

Support Team Asked on January 6, 2018 in Sage.
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    This is what you need in order to use multi-user mode:

    • A file-server network or a peer-to-peer network.
    • You have to purchase a multi user edition of Sage 50 Canadian Edition (Premium, Enterprise or Accountants Edition). Make sure that all the computers where you want to use Sage 50 Canadian Edition meet the minimum requirements for the program.

    If you meet the previous conditions, then follow these steps in order to set up multi-user mode:

    1. Install Sage 50 Canadian Edition on all the computers where you want to use it.
    2. Create a new folder under the root directory of the C drive on the server or workstation where you want to store the data.
    3. Share this folder to the network, and give permission to all other users who will need to access this file.
      • Refer to Related Resources “How to setup a shared folder in Windows 7 or higher?” (10379)
    4. Save your data file within this new folder.
      • Open your Sage 50 Canadian Edition file.
      • Go to the File menu on the main window, and click on Save as.
      • Find the new folder from step 2.
      • Change the file name, and click on Save.
    5. Create your users in Sage 50 Canadian Edition.
      • Go to Setup and click on Setup Users.
      • Click on Modify; and enter and re-enter a password for the ‘sysadmin’ user.
      • Press OK.
      • Use the Add User for creating other users/passwords. Each user can have different access to parts of the program according to the rights they are given.
      • Click on Close once you have added all the users
    6. Switch to multi-user mode from the File menu.

    Now you can try to open the file from the other computer(s):

    1. Open Sage 50 Canadian Edition, and click on Select an existing company when you are on the welcome screen
    2. Go to My Network Places, and select the file you just saved on the new folder on the computer storing the data.
    3. Open the file in multi-user mode with one of the user names and password that you created.

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on January 6, 2018.
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