How do I manually activate program or manually register the payroll service

How do I manually activate program or manually register the payroll service

Support Team Asked on January 3, 2018 in Sage.
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    Note: Sage 50—U.S. Edition’s manual subscription update option requires a new Sage50Activation.sma file. If running Sage 50 on a network, Sections I and III must be performed at the server

    Section I: Create the activation file

    1. Open Sage 50.
    2. Click Help, and then select Sage 50 Activation, Licensing, and Subscription Options (for initial activation) or Sage 50 Subscription UpdatesNote: In the 2014.2 and higher release (available October 29, 2013), Sage 50 Activation was changed to Sage 50 Activation, Licensing, and Subscription Options. If you are on Sage 50 Accounting 2014 and only see the option for Sage 50 Activation under the Help menu, please install the 2014.2 update.
    1. Select Activate Manually; if updating the subscription, select Manually
    2. Click OK
    3. Select I need to start the process from the beginning
    4. Click Next.
    5. Enter the required company information (denoted by asterisks)
    6. Click Next
    7. Your company’s information will be compiled into a file called ActivationRequest.arq, and this file should be saved to an external media device such as a USB drive.
    8. Click Next
    9. Leave the window open and proceed to Section II of this article

    Section II: Send activation file to Sage

    1. Take the external media containing the ActivationRequest.arq file that you created in Section I to a computer that can send and receive e-mail.
    2. Create a new e-mail and attach the ActivationRequest.arq file stored on the external media to the email.
    3. Send the file to
      Note: Subject line can remain blank.
    4. You will receive a reply e-mail within 2 to 5 minutes, and should include an attached file named, Sage50Activation.sma.
    5. Copy the Sage50Activation.sma file to an external media device such as a USB drive.
    6. Remove the external media device, and take it back to the computer where Sage 50 is installed.
    7. Proceed to Section III of this article.

    Section III: Activate the product

    1. On the computer where Sage 50 is installed, insert the media that contains the Sage50Activation.sma file.
    2. Open Sage 50.
    3. Click Help, Sage 50 Activation, Licensing and Subscription Options.
    4. Select Manually
    5. Select I have the activation file that was e-mailed to me from Sage.
    6. Click Next
    7. Click Browse button and locate the Sage50Activation.sma file.
    8. Once you have selected the file click Activate.
    9. Click OK to complete the activation process.

    Note: If, after the activation, you receive the error “Sage 50 has stopped working…”,

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on January 3, 2018.
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