Error: “Your accounts are not in logical order. The reason is: … “

Error: “Your accounts are not in logical order. The reason is: … “

Support Team Asked on January 6, 2018 in Sage.
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    Method I: The account is between a T and an H account

    1. If your account is alone by itself and is between a T and an H account then you must move the account to either before the T or after the H account.
    2. The only way to do this is to renumber the account number.
    3. If you are not using the Accountant’s Edition (only available to registered Sage partners as part of the SAN program), then you can’t renumber the account number.
      • Workaround I: Delete the account if you have not posted to the account.
      • Workaround II: Restore from a backup that precedes the creation of this account.
      • Workaround III: If you have posted to the account, then you will need to get in touch with a bookkeeper or accountant who has the Accountant’s Edition.
        • The Accountant’s Edition gives you the ability to re-number your accounts in the Chart of Accounts.

      Note: A list of qualified accountants is available by following the link in Additional Information.

    4. Follow the remainder of the instructions in Method II.

    Method II: General solution

    1. Read the error message, as it will tell you the solution.Note: For example: “There is a missing subgroup total before account number 2340”.
    2. Open Chart of Accounts.
    3. Classic View: From the home screen click the Chart of Accounts icon
    4. Enhanced View: Click on Company on left hand side
    5. Click on Chart of Accounts icon
    6. Find an available number where the error message said the account is required.Note: In our example, a free account number above account 2340 but before the preceding account. If there is no available account number where the account is needed, try the following:
    7. Renumber the accounts in the surrounding area of the problem. You can do this if:
      • There is no account balance in the account.
      • The account is a header or total account.
    8. Change account type if required.
    9. Restore a backup file prior to modify the accounts.
    10. Contact a Premier Advisor or Consultant from Sage Accountants Network for assistance.Note: A list is available by following the link in Additional Information.
    11. Change the account type to match the logical order (if possible). Otherwise, create the account needed. In our example, create a Subgroup Total account.Note: If you have posted to the created account you will not be able to modify or remove the account.
    12. Select Save and close the record.
    13. Select File, then Check the Validity of Accounts to see whether any other accounts are needed.
    14. Repeat as necessary according to the error message(s).

    Source: Sage Community forums.

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    Support Team Answered on January 6, 2018.
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