Definitions of the Sage Advisor Diagnostic Tool

Definitions of the Sage Advisor Diagnostic Tool ?

Support Team Asked on December 28, 2017 in Sage.
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    • .NET Error Check – The check displays the error, date, time, description and exception info of any .net errors found in the last 90 days
    • Company Location Check – compares the location of recently opened companies from the list in the Microsoft Windows Registry to the data path
    • Needed Files Check – checks for files in the data path required to run the program
    • Pervasive Version Check – displays the version of Pervasive PSQL Workgroup install on the machine
    • Pervasive System Analyzer – checks that the program is initialized properly and the proper files are being loaded; tests connections between the engines within the network and displays information about system components
    • Locked Files Check – searches for and displays any files in the data path that are in an Open state
    • PchansXXX.ini Check – searches for all PchansXXX.ini files on the machine where the tool is being run; displays the program path, data path, install source, and version from each
    • Product INI files Check – searches for the product’s main configuration file and displays the following tags for each release of the product installed: path name, data path, local data path, program path, program group, and install source
    • IP Address Check – displays the version of the product install and the IP Address of the local computer if the data path is local; if the data path indicates the data is stored on a server, then the test displays the IP address of the machine where the data is being stored
    • Firewalls Check – identifies the firewall and antivirus programs installed on the machine; also attempts to detect if the Windows Firewall is configured to ALLOW the Pervasive Database Service Manager through 1583 and 3351 ports
    • Server Access Check – verifies that the workstation machine has access to the machine where the data is located
    • Data path Permission Check – will display the user permissions for the data path, and also the permissions for the Windows Everyone and SYSTEM users
    • Host File Check – displays what is in the local machine’s hosts file
    • WorkGroup/Domain Check – displays the Local Computer Name and the Domain of the computer on which the tool is run
    • Upgrade Check – notifies the user if any product upgrade files are found on the machine and the path to where they are located

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    Support Team Answered on December 28, 2017.
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